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Services Provided
           Stair Case 

Light Buff and 1 coat:  Most affordable way to give your hardwood floors a quick shine by buffing your floors using a screen or pad , and applying one thick coat of our commercial grade finish.

                         ​20% OFF Deep BUFF & 3 COATS.  If over 1 thousand feet. Cash only.

Deep Buff and 3 coats
 [No sanding] :  This is as close as you can get to sanding.  We use heavy duty pads or screen with special non toxic cleaning agents to deep clean floors of all wax, oils, glue, paint, gum, and soils in the grain. So clean and smooth they'll seem as they've been sanded.  Finally we'll apply 3 coats of our commercial grade finish.   

​ You may choose a Glossy sheen , or low Gloss for the same price


Sanding to the bare wood:

​This is the ONLY option where you can change the color of your floors.

This eliminates all scratches, sands off sun damage bringing your wood floors
​looking ​brand new again. 

​​ ​​
​I don't sand more than I have to.  Usually less than
1/16 of an inch.

​I'll match any color of stain​​, and finally apply 3 coats of commercial grade finish.

We can also: